Movie Review: Captain America: Civil War

I think the ten year old me would have loved this movie. I look around theatre and there are no kids. I turn to the stranger next to me and ask if I missed anything and he tells me I’m just in time for the trailers. This, is kind of a culture shock for me. Comic books have turned into blockbuster movies with adult fans following stars like people once followed the Grateful Dead.
Maybe its a middle ground between the comic book storyline and the extension of what you can do on film. The newer Marvel films have these acrobatic Rube Goldberg action sequences that aren’t lifelike but very comic bookish. I love those but you can’t just have 90 minutes of action. I read in breaks between fights soldiers from each side would come out of the bunkers and drink with each other. Before Korea. So, even in real life war enemies have downtime.

There were many characters in this one or it felt that way. Each one had its own mini story so at times it felt like a soap opera constantly splitting hairs between the main characters and whatever message they were offering to the plot. It mentioned Civil War in the title but the only rights they fought over was to remain gods or not. Much like Batman VS Superman pitted Socialism (Superman) versus Capitalism (Batman). The war remained between themselves over Democratic Peace (Iron Man) and a Stratocracy (Captain America). That could be reason enough to align yourself among super heroes that have similar political beliefs. 

I did like how it shined a light on post war life and its affect on locals. There is a strong scene where Tony Stark is giving a lecture at MIT. Immediately after, he runs into a mother that lost her son at a recent battle area. The dialogue between them is moving because he killed her son. She doesn’t get peace so she pokes Tony’s chest with her son’s picture and leaves. There are moments in the story that are haunted by this early interaction. It was good for what it was trying to convey. That war doesn’t heal it breaks. Leaving us all in fragments.